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MV Credit joins Natixis Investment Managers

Natixis Investment Managers announces the acquisition of MV Credit, which will join Natixis as a fully autonomous affiliate.

June, 2018

To meet investors’ need for diversification and demand for alternative investment solutions, Natixis Investment Managers has announced the expansion of its private debt capabilities with the acquisition of a European Credit specialist focused on upper mid-cap private debt. The acquisition of MV Credit marks another important step in the development of Natixis Investment Managers’ European real assets range, providing investors with access to a wide range of strategies in private equity, private debt, real estate, and infrastructure. MV Credit will remain fully autonomous while being able to access Natixis Investment Managers’ centralised global distribution capabilities. The acquisition, consistent with the objectives of Natixis’ New Dimension strategic plan, will be fee rate accretive, and the impact of the transaction on Natixis’ CET1 ratio is estimated at around 10bps.

MV Credit is a long-established, UK-based, European credit specialist founded in 2000. The firm is differentiated by its experienced and independent team, with 18 years of investment experience across all credit cycles and an investment philosophy built on two core principles: rigorous credit analysis and active portfolio management. Over the years, MV Credit funds have invested more than €5 billion in close to 500 debt financing solutions and have delivered a consistent top quartile track record.

As a fully autonomous affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, there will be no changes to MV Credit’s operations, branding, staffing or investment strategies, and the existing management team will continue to lead the firm as a partnership.

Natixis Investment Managers offers investment solutions from some of the world’s leading high-conviction active investment managers. This multi-affiliate structure is built on a belief in the power of independent and active thinking, the ultimate objective being to better serve investors and help them to build strong and diversified portfolios over the long term.

“The combination of MV Credit’s proven track record, experienced management team, and strong expertise in subordinated and senior debts will make a substantial contribution to our European real assets range. MV Credit’s entrepreneurial mindset and highly-active investment approach will fit perfectly within our multi-affiliate model and provide our investors access to a unique new range of private debt strategies,” commented Jean Raby, CEO of Natixis Investment Managers.

“We are pleased to become an affiliate of one of the world’s leading asset managers. The multi-affiliate model offers tremendous growth opportunities, allowing us to access a truly global distribution network and the support of a large financial services group while retaining our full autonomy and our singular focus on maximising returns for our investors,” said Frederic Nadal, CEO of MV Credit.