Statement on Covid-19

Internal Operations

March, 2020

MV Credit has offices in London and Luxembourg and staff are regularly updated about the Coronavirus situation and latest travel advice. We have issued guidance to all employees on best practice regarding hygiene, as issued by the medical industry and local health authorities. Additionally all staff members have been issued with hand sanitisers.

MV Credit has robust business continuity planning in place, which is tested annually under a full disaster recovery scenario. This has allowed staff to smoothly transition to rotating groups of home-workers and office workers. – as of Monday 9th March, the MV Credit team has been split into two groups (Group A and Group B) with each group working alternate weeks from home. The teams have been divided in such a way as to ensure adequate coverage of all internal functions. This policy will be in place until the end of the month and reviewed/amended as necessary.

All employees are issued with mobile phones and laptops to ensure all operations can continue in the event of any travel restrictions.

New policies have been put in place and issued by our HR department in line with UK government advice:

Kind regards,

MV Credit Team