Environment Optimised

Sustainable corporate actions (Corporate level ESG)

MV Credit looks at ESG concerns from all angles

November, 2018

MV Credit endeavours to minimise its impact on the environment by implementing a recycling policy within its offices. The office has separate recycling containers for paper, mixed recycling and batteries, as well as a compostable food waste bin. MV Credit has also significantly reduced its paper usage following a ban on printing presentations or any other marketing materials.

All members of the Team are issued with laptops which are to be taken to external meetings to display presentations, and MV Credit’s own offices have display screens in all meeting rooms for the purpose of presenting both internal and external presentations.

MV Credit has also begun to implement other initiatives to reduce waste plastic and packaging. All members of the Team are issued with metal re-usable water bottles in a bid to reduce waste plastic consumption, specifically disposable plastic water bottles.

The office also receives deliveries of fruit, the packaging of which is re-used for each new delivery. These are some initiatives which MV Credit actively looks to enhance and think of new ideas which will enable us to operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.