MV Credit aims to achieve long-term and sustainable returns through responsible investing.

Monitoring environmental, social and governance risks in the portfolio is an important aspect of our risk management. We assess risk at the market, sector and company level.

We work to promote good business practices, and we believe there are opportunities for investing in companies and technologies that enable more environmentally friendly economic activity.

Integrating ESG risks in private debt

Strong case for including non-financial information in investment decisions

ESG is desirable both from a moral and ethical viewpoint, and also from a risk-return standpoint. Management of ESG risk has been shown in many academic and asset management practitioner studies to reduce losses, particularly in longer-term investments.
April, 2019
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Sustainable corporate actions (Corporate level ESG)

MV Credit looks at ESG concerns from all angles

MV Credit looks at ESG concerns from all angles and strives to incorporate these values at a firm level.
November, 2018
Diversity Optimised

Gender Diversity

MV Credit prides itself on being a diverse investment manager

We are committed to ensuring we have an inclusive workforce with 48% of the firm made up of female employees, compared with an industry average of 19%.
November, 2018
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‘Improving prospects – aspire higher’ programme

MV Credit is proud to support Groundwork, a London-based charity that, amongst other initiatives, works with people living in London’s most vulnerable communities...
July, 2018
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Commemorating a century of the women’s vote

MV Credit believes that diversity is fundamental to a successful business.
June, 2018
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JP Corporate Challenge

Members of the MV Credit team participated in the 39th annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge this year.
July, 2015
Un Pri


MV Credit is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (“UNPRI”)

MV Credit has been a signatory to the UNPRI since 2012 and is committed to operate in compliance with its principles.
November, 2012

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